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She Loves You Gallery


She Loves You as it was first released on 45 in the UK on Parlophone Records, on August 23, 1963, backed with I'll Get You as it later was in the US.

She Loves You was also released in the UK by Parlophone Records on an EP called "Beatles' Million Sellers" on December 6, 1965, along with I Want To Hold Your Hand, Can't Buy Me Love and I Feel Fine. *

Recorded in Paris in late January, 1964, the German language version Sie Liebt Dich, backed by Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand, was released by Odeon Records in West Germany just over one month later on March 5. *

Nicolas and Montague, added to the writing credits, wrote the German lyrics translation.

On shaky legal ground, but figuring they already had the rights to release She Loves You in the US, to further cash in on the growing Beatlemania, Swan released Sie Liebt Dich backed with I'll Get You (in English) credited to Die Beatles on May 21, 1964.

This was the only release of Sie Liebt Dich on a 45 in the US.

The rare Swan promotional (DJ) version of Sie Liebt Dich/I'll Get You.

This is identical to the stock copies, except that is printed in black on white, and has two large X's above the title.

Capitol of Canada also released Sie Liebt Dich/I'll Get You just as Swan did, credited to "Die Beatles", in June 1964.

Notice how, instead of saying "Recorded In Great Britain", normal for other Capitol Canada Beatles singles, this single correctly has "Recorded In Europe", as Sie Liebt Dich was recorded in Paris. (US Capitol Beatles singles were normally printed with "Recorded In England".)

She Loves You and Sie Liebt Dich picture sleeves from around the world can be found on the next page...

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Some historical info from The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn and The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records by Bruce Spizer.

* Records from the collection of John Hazelton.

This page was last updated June 29, 2002.

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