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She Loves You Swan Black Label Variations

Released in January 1964 to take advantage of the explosion of Beatlemania in the US, the black Swan label version of She Loves You was manufactured at several different record manufacturing plants in different parts of the country, resulting in many label variations.

To further compound the problem for collectors, this 45 was also counterfeited frequently.

Pictured below are some of the "real" black Swan She Loves You 45s.


This is a common pressing of Swan S-4152.

Both "SHE LOVES YOU" and "THE BEATLES" are printed in the same small type, and "DON'T DROP OUT" is included on the label at the 10:00 position.


On this label variation, "SHE LOVES YOU" and "THE BEATLES" are printed in medium type, along with the catalog number. "SHE LOVES YOU" is also enclosed in quotes.

Also notice how the checkerboard pattern is different from the previous label.


This version is similar to the previous one, except "SHE LOVES YOU" is in even bigger type, the catalog number is printed in smaller type, and "DON'T DROP OUT" has dropped out.

The checkerboard pattern is different yet again.


On this version of the label, the quotes are gone from "SHE LOVES YOU" and the letters are more spaced out. "DON'T DROP OUT" has dropped back in.

This version also includes "Produced by George Martin" under "THE BEATLES". The reverse "I'LL GET YOU" side does not include this credit.


This version is very similar to the second variation, except that it includes "Produced by George Martin" under the time at the 4:00 position on the label. Unlike the previous version, this credit does also appear on the flip side.

A third variation with the George Martin credit, similar to the previous, but with "SHE LOVES YOU" in tall, thin letters with very wide spacing and in quotes, and "THE BEATLES" in the same typeface.

Some historical info from The Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn and The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records by Bruce Spizer.

This page was last updated July 25, 2002.

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