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The Beatles Lyrics Machine

This function allows you to identify the Beatles song that contains any word(s) or phrase that you specify.

Enter the words or phrase you want to look for below and hit the "Search" button.

Note: The Beatles Lyrics Machine is a research tool. This page does not display copyrighted lyrics. It only lists song titles that contain the search criteria.

Options: Partial Words Exact Words Entire Phrase

About the Lyrics Machine


Don't include sentence punction such as commas, periods or exclamation points in your search strings.

Do include apostrophes for legitimate contractions such as I'll, don't, ain't, they'd, etc.

Standard Spellings:

This is a list of standard spellings used in the database:

  • Yeah
  • Whoa
  • Oh
  • Ah
  • Oo
  • 'Cause

Spell all words ending in "ing" completely, such as "Singing", "Waiting", etc.

Note: There is no standard for "gonna". The database uses "gonna" in most places where the sense is "intends to", as opposed to "going somewhere" where "going to" is spelled out, but there was no hard and fast rule for this. When a search includes "gonna", you might have to try searching twice, once each way.


All matching is case-insensitive.

"Match Partial Words" will match "police" and "policeman" with the search string "police".

With "Exact Words" the search string "police" will not match "policeman".

With "Entire Phrase" the search string "I Am The Walrus" will only match to songs that have those words together in that order. Without "Entire Phrase" matching, the search string "I Am The Walrus" will match any song that has all four words in any order anywhere in the song.

Click here for more information about the Lyrics Machine.

This function was created October, 1998.

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