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Reference Library: Dr. Winston O' Who?

From: "Edward J. Igoe" <ejigoe@ix.netcom.NET>
Subject: Re: Pseudonyms
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 17:21:06 -0500

Kevin Chaple wrote:
> I know George used L'Angelo Mysterioso with Cream, John used a whole 
> slew of fake names- does anybody know any others? Did Ringo or Paul 
> ever use any? And what were all the ones John used?

From my P.N.T.B.P. book:

Which two Beatles contributed to Cream's hit song "Badge"?

George and Ringo both helped writing. For this song, George used the pseudonym "L'Angelo Misterioso" ("Mysterious Angel"). George also used this pseudonym on an August 1969 Jack Bruce album titled "SONGS FOR A TAILOR", when he played guitar on the song "Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune". "Badge" first appeared on a February 1969 Cream album titled "GOODBYE", and later on a single, and several "Greatest hits" compilation albums.

Which Beatles appeared on a song titled "If You've Got Love" on Dave Mason's album "IT'S LIKE YOU NEVER LEFT"?

George, under the pseudonym "Son Of Harry".

Which Beatle once used the pseudonym "Mel Torment"?

John, on his song "Scared" from "WALLS AND BRIDGES".

Who used the pseudonyms "Roy Dyke" and "Eddie Clayton" on George's solo album "WONDERWALL MUSIC"?

Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton.

Who was Hari Georgeson?

As one might suspect, "Hari Georgeson" was George Harrison. George used this pseudonym on:

The Ravi Shankar album "SHANKAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS" (Acoustic and Electric Guitars, and Autoharp) The Splinter Album "CHINA LIGHT" (Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin). The Splinter songs "Costafine Town" (Bass and Eight String Bass), "Drink All Day" (Six, Twelve String Guitars and Dobro), "Elly-Mae" (Acoustic Guitar), "Gravy Tain" (Guitar), "Haven't Got Time" (Guitar), "Lonely Man" (Guitar), "The Place I Love" (Acoustic and Electric Guitar), "Situation Vacant" (Guitar), "Somebody's City" (Six, Twelve String, and Electric Guitars). The Billy Preston song "That's Life" (Acoustic guitar and Mandolin) from the album "IT'S MY PLEASURE".

George used the pseudonym of "Jai Raj Harisein" while playing percussion on The Splinter songs "Costafine Town", "Drink All Day", "Haven't Got Time", "The Place I Love", "Somebody's City" from the album "THE PLACE I LOVE" (Which he also Produced). As "George H.", Harrison played lead guitar on Billy Preston's album "I WROTE A SIMPLE SONG".

Who were Dr. Winston, and Booker Table and The Maitre D's?

Alias: John Lennon on the song "Beef Jerky", the "B" side of "Whatever Get's You Through The Night". "Whatever Get's You Through The Night" also appeared on John's "WALLS AND BRIDGES" album.

Who was Percy Thrillington, and what connection did he have with The Beatles?

Percy Thrillington (An Irish bandleader) was an alias used by Paul McCartney on an instrumental version of his "RAM" album, released by MPL Productions.

Who was The Reverend Fred Gherkin?

Another alias used by John Lennon on his song "Bless You" from the "WALLS AND BRIDGES" album. John also used the names "The Reverend Thumbs Gherkin", on the song "Old Dirt Road", and "Dr. Winston O'Ghurkin" on Going Down On Love" from the same album.

Who were "The Siamese Quads"?

This was a humorous nickname Ringo gave The Beatles.

Who was "Beatcomber"?

This is one of the many pen names John Lennon used when writing to and for Liverpool's "Mersey Beat" Magazine. Bill Harry chose the name for John, because he enjoyed the humor of J.B. Morton's "BEACHCOMBER" which was a regular column in The Daily Express.

Who was Kaptain Kundalini?

One more of John Lennon's many pseudonyms, this time on the song "What You Got", the "B" side of "No. 9 Dream". "No. 9 Dream" featured John using the pseudonym "Dr. Dream". Both of these songs appeared on his "WALLS AND BRIDGES" album.

Who was Billy Martin?

Paul McCartney used this name to book studio time while secretly working on his first solo album "McCARTNEY".

Who was John O'Cean?

Another John Lennon alias, taken from the English translation of Yoko's name: "Ocean Child". John used the name while appearing on Yoko's album "FEELING THE SPACE".

What group consisted of Johnny Silver, Paul Ramon, Carl Harrison, Stu DeStael, and Tommy Moore?

Except for Moore, these were stage names used by The Silver Beatles while touring Scotland May 20-28, 1960 with Johnny Gentile. George's name "Carl" was in honor of one of his guitar heroes, Carl Perkins. Stu Sutcliffe, an artist in his own right, took the last name of a famous painter. Nicholas deStael, who also coincidentally died early in life. Paul used the pseudonym "Paul Ramon" here, and again when he played drums, bass guitar, and sang backing vocals on the song "My Dark Hour" by The Steve Miller Band. "My Dark Hour" appeared on Miller's album "BRAVE NEW WORLD" and on an American single on June 6, 1969. John later vehemently denied ever using the name "Johnny Silver", but other members still claim it's true.

Who was Apollo C. Vermouth?

Paul McCartney used this name when he made an appearance as producer of a song titled "I'm The Urban Spaceman" by The "Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band". Paul also used the name when producing a song on which Ringo played drums, titled "New Day" by Apple artist Jackie Lomax. "I'm The Urban Spaceman" appeared on The "Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band" albums "PROGRESSIVE HEAVIES", and "THE BEAST OF THE BONZOS" appearing on the Liberty (UK) and IMPERIAL (US) record labels. The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band also appeared in the Beatle film "MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR" as the musical accompaniment for the stripper scene.

Who was Richie Snare?

This was an alias used by Ringo Starr on Harry Nilsson's album "SON OF SCHMILSSON". George Harrison also appeared on the album, playing slide guitar on the song "You're Breakin' My Heart" using the pseudonym George Harrysong.

Who was Dwarf McDougal?

John used this name on his "WALLS AND BRIDGES" album. The name refers to the Bob Dylan style of guitar playing John used on some of the tracks. Dwarf was the name of Dylan's music company, while McDougal was the name of the street Dylan's Greenwich Village apartment was on.

-Ed Igoe

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