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Reference Library: From John to Paul and Linda

From: (Michael A. Todino)
Subject: Lennon Letter (Text)
Date: 13 Nov 1994 05:56:11 GMT
Organization: New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

[This is a copy of the letter Lennon wrote that was sold recently. It was written in 1969 from John to Paul and Linda.]

I was reading your letter and wondering what middle aged cranky beatle fan it was who wrote it. I resisted looking at the the last page to find out. I kept thinking who it was, Queenie? Stuart's mother? Clive Epstein's wife? Alan Williams? What the hell, its Linda!

You really think the press are beneath me-you? do you think that? WHo do you think we-you are? The self indulgent bit, doesn't realize who he's hurting. I hope you realize what shit you and the rest of my kind and unselfish friends laid on Yoko and me since we have been together. It might have sometimes been a bit more subtle or should I say middle class, but not often. We both "rose above it" quite a few times and forgave you two, so its the least you can do for us, you noble people. Linda, If you don't care what I say, shutup! Let Paul write or whatever.

When asked about what I thought orginially concerning US.B.C etc., I told them as best as I can remember, and I do remember squirming a little, don't (bold) you Paul, or do you, as I suspect still believe it all? I'll forgive you Paul for encouraging the Beatles, if he forgives me for same, for being honest with me and caring too much. F--ing hell Linda you're not writing for Beatle Book!!!

I'm not ashamed of the Beatles, but of some of the shit we took to make them so big. it thought we all felt that way in varying degrees, obviously not.

Do you really think most of today's art came about because of the Beatles? I don't believe you're that insane. Paul, do you believe that? When you stop believing it you might wake up! Didn't we always say we were part of the movement, not all of it? Of coarse we changed the world, but try and follow through, get off your gold disc and fly!

Don't give me that Aunty Gin Shit about "in five years I'll look back as a different person," don't you see thats whats happening NOW. IF I only new THEN what I know NOW, you seemed to have missed that point.

Excuse me if I use "Beatle Space" to talk about whatever I want, obviously if they keep asking Beatle questions, I'll answer them and get as much John & Yoko Space as I can, they ask me about Paul and I answer. I know some of it gets personal, but whether you believe it or not, I try and answer straight, and the bits they use are obviously the juicy bits. I don't resent your husband. I'm sorry for him. I know the Beatles are "quite nice people," I'm one of them, they're also just as big bastards as anyone else. so get off your high horse!

Finally about not telling anyone I'd left Beatles, PAUL and Klein both spent the day persuading me it was better not to say anything, asking me not say anything because it would hurt the "Beatles" and "lets just let it petre out" remember? so get that in your petty little perversion of a mind Mrs. McCartney, the cunt asked me to keep quiet about it. Of coarse, the money angle is important, to all of us, especially after all the petty shit that came from your insane family and God help you out Paul, see you in two years, I reckon you'll be out then inspite of it all.

love to you both
from us two

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