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The John Lennon Series
by Jude Southerland Kessler

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Reference Library: Anthology on American TV

From: (Edward S. Chen)
Subject: The Beatles Anthology (US) summary
Date: 12 Dec 1995 16:31:15 -0600

Here is a summary of the US tv airing of "The Beatles Anthology," complete with quotes and molasses.

-- begin part one

Help! (opening performance clip from film, band dwarfed by "The Beatles Anthology logo. This was shown at the beginning of each of the parts of "Anthology")

In My Life (clip/still montage)

Wild Ones ("The Beetles missed 'ya. All the Beetles missed you!") Childhood discussion

Hound Dog (Elvis) Elvis discussion, Quarrymen discussion

Twenty Flight Rock (Cochran - "The Girl Can't Help It", Paul) Raunchy Enter Paul, Enter George

That'll Be The Day / In Spite of All the Danger (Any idea what this video is of? A rundown club?) Enter Stu Sutcliffe

"Quarrymen Rehearsal" tapes (various, room with Grundig recorder and vintage guitar. Granada closeups overlaid. Too "cute" for its own good)

Enter Pete Best

Roll Over Beehtoven / Money (stills of Beatles performing in Hamburg) Rowdiness factor -- footage is B&W-ized(!)

Exit Stu

Shadows footage

Enter Neil Aspinall

Kansas City (Granada Cavern)

Enter Brian Epstein

3 Cool Cats / Sheik of Araby / Besame Mucho (Miscellaneous footage of London New Year, people in fountain, brief shot Beatles '95 "Cha Cha Boom!" and "Get Back" fabs)

Exit Pete Best Enter Ringo

Some Other Guy (Granada Cavern, slightly longer than all previous)

First Session, Andy White

Love Me Do (early EMI studio stills)

Please Please Me (Sullivan, 2/23/64 airdate)

Twist and Shout (montage of at least 8 performances, some not of "T&S!" color footage B&W-ized for consistency)

From Me To You (Lucky Stars) (on moving to London) "These two drunken Beatles on the back of this coach!" -- Ringo Morecambe and Wise

It Won't Be Long (Hoffman-era home movies)

Ringo on Fame

Til' There Was You (Royal Variety, w/ John's "Rattle..." quip)

Paul on coming to America

I Want to Hold Your Hand (Daily Echo Set)

reception and appearances in France

(brief Paris clip)

Brian Epstein describing coming to America Reception in America (Maysles brothers)

All My Loving (Sullivan, 2/9/64) She Loves You (Washington Coliseum, also some new color footage) I'll Follow The Sun (Miami "vacation" stills montage)

Ringo on driving a borrowoed speedboat

This Boy (Sullivan, 2/16/64)

Departure US / Return to London (Maysles, newsreel footage) Making a film.

A Hard Day's Night / I Should've Known Better (AHDN)

"I came to work, very unprofessionally, straight from a nightclub, and I was a little hung over, to say the least. Y'know, I was just *so* out of it. My version of it is, so, just let me walk around and film me...and why I look so cold and dejected; is 'cause I felt like shit!" -- Ringo

Millie scene from AHDN The press conference scene (questions from Paul/George '95)

Can't Buy Me Love (AHDN version segue into live from '64 NME Pollwinners)

Radio Interview "The Wrestling Dog" (John and Norman Rossington on "Not Only...But Also," starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

Long Tall Sally (with Holland footage)

Discuss Jimmy Nicol, interview with Fab 3 + Nicol Ringo's arrival in Australia, return to the band

You Can't Do That (live, 6/17/64 -- cut at John's scream in US)

-- end part one

"Free As A Bird" was premiered here, and it was preceded by a clip of Paul, George, and Ringo sitting around a table talking about "reuniting the Beatles"

-- begin part two

Things We Said Today (B&W footage representing a teenager's room ca. 1965. Posters and such on walls) radio show clip

Rock and Roll Music (Rutlesque footage of arrivals and departures from airports and hotels)

All My Loving (Hollywood Bowl, more news footage)

"It was just so much fun!" -- Ringo Dylan introduces Fab Four to marijuana "...and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed." -- Ringo

Touring threats, particularly one night in Montreal Cripples being wheeled backstage for audiences with Beatles.

"The only place we ever got any peace was when we got in the suite, and went into the bathroom!" -- George

Slow Down (London, 9/21/64)

Help! / Another Girl / The Night Before (Help!)

Pot use during filming of Help!

"People were sort of giving up the drink, which had sort of been the stimulant of the times, and were getting into the herbal Jazz cigarettes." -- Paul

"By then we were smoking Marijuana for Breakfast!" -- John

"(during filming of a scene in Help! requiring Paul and Ringo to run) ...Paul and I ran about 7 miles! We just ran and ran so we could stop and have a joint!" -- Ringo

"But we had fun in those days!" -- George

Help! (Big Night Out, Blackpool)

Writing "Yesterday."

Yesterday (Big Night Out) I Feel Fine (NME Pollwinners, 1965)

Receiving MBE's (ABC footage)

"...and in the toiler we smoked a regular cigarette, 'cause we were all smokers in those days. But, years later I'm sure, John, thinking back and remembering, oh yes, we went into the toilet and smoked ...and it turned into a reefer. [...] But, we never." -- George

"I was too stoned to remember! I didn't know" -- Ringo

Eight Days a Week

"For all we did for Great Britain. Selling all that courdorouy, and making it swing, and they just gave us a bloody leather medal with wood and string through it!" -- George

Twist and Shout / I'm Down (Shea)

"55,000 people." -- Neil Aspinall "56,000" -- Paul "60,000" -- Ringo "Told me it was 70!" -- George

Mohair Sam

Meeting Elvis, "taking tea" in the car and getting silly. Fender bass, television with remote control.

"John jammed with Elvis! I never did." -- George "I played football with Elvis. " -- Ringo (This is the first scene with P,G,R together other than the "Free As A Bird" intro)

Run For Your Life

"They used us as an excuse to go mad, the world did, then they blamed it on us" -- George

Creation of Rubber Soul cover photo

Drive My Car / Nowhere Man (Freeman photos of Beatles in studio ca. RS)

Ravi Shankar and sitar discussion.

Norwegian Wood, Tk. 1 (more Freeman photos)

Ringo talks about recording Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine (home movies of Beatles by pool '65 + Yellow Sub film characters added in)

Cheesy spinning "Revolver" cover shot

Tommorow Never Knows (more studio photos)

Thoughts on Rubber Soul and Revolver "Which one of his (George's) songs was on Revolver?" -- Ringo


John and George on first time taking LSD

"We'd heard you're never the same afterwards, that it alters your life, and you never think the same again, and I think John was rather excited by that prospect, and I was frightened by that prospect. [...] So, I delayed, and I was sort of seen to stall a little bit in the group. I mean, there was a lot of peer pressure. Talk about peer pressure. THE BEATLES?!?"

Got To Get You Into My Life (color footage of arrival in Japan, 1966)

"Everywhere we were going these days, it was a demonstation of one thing or another." -- George

Protests over the Beatles' performing in Budokan, some footage from a press conference

Military precision in Japan, how the boys weren't used to such treatment

Paperback Writer (White suits, Budokan '66)

Paul, George, Ringo together on the differences between recording and the road. George misremembers that the band were using 8-track machines!

The Marcos "snub" "Two Things were happening simultaneously. There was this, the public, or the grown-ups, or the officials, or whatever, who were trying to punch us, or yelling and waving fists at us, and, underneath that, was the young kids, who were still doing the mania" -- George

The Word (footage of '66 US tour)

More Popular than Jesus (press conference, interviews)

I'm Only Sleeping (Record burnings, harrassment)

Day Tripper (Candlestick, 1966)

"I certainly felt that that was it. We weren't going to tour again like that. I never really projected into the future. I was just thinking it's going to be such a relief to not have to go and go through that madness." -- George

Footage of the Beatles entering EMI for Pepper sessions.

Strawberry Fields Forever (promo, introduced by McCartney at mellotron)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Dancing cover from Derek Taylor's "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today")

"But it works because we said it works, and that's how it appeared" -- John

With A Little Help From My Friends (Session photos, from "Beatles Book")

Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite (old circus footage, overlaid with photo of the actual poster)

A Day In the Life (promo)

Nice graphic coloring in the "Pepper" cover

Global Satellite broadcast.

"John wrote 'All You Need is Love' specially for the television show. It was a commision, and Brian whirled in and said 'We are to represent Britain in this around the world hookup, and you've got to write a song!'" -- George Martin

"And I don't know if the song was written before that, because we *were* making an album at the time, and there were kind of lots of songs in circulation. Paul might know more about that. Over to you Paul..." -- George

"I'm not sure. It was John's song mainly. I don't think it was written specially for it. It was one of the songs we had. I don't know. George Martin might know more about that. Over to you" -- Paul (shot of George Martin sitting silently)

"Yeah, they wrote it specifically for that" -- Ringo

All You Need is Love (B/W opening, into colorized clip)

Hello Goodbye (combination of three promos. Unnatural B/W opening to clip)

Flower Children, and George's visit to the Haight.

Penny Lane (color promo, alternate audio)

-- end part two

"Real Love" was premiered here, preceded by clip of P,G,R tooling around in George's McLaren F-1 automobile. Paul's comment? "Nice motor."

-- begin part three

Lennon discusses taking acid.

"We had been through drugs, and the next step then is you've got to try and find a meaning then." -- Paul

Within You, Without You (Bangor trip)

Exit Brian Epstein

"We were suddenly like chickens with our heads cut off! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?" -- Ringo

Magical Mystery Tour / Fool on the Hill (MMT footage)

"People like Spielberg, I've read that people like him have said 'When I was in film school, that was a film we really took notice of!' Like an art film..." -- Paul (nice visual newspaper clipping becomes Paul talking)

I Am the Walrus (Mostly from MMT, some "filming of" clips, and more unnatural B & W flashes)

Pathe newsreel on the trip to India

Across the Universe (Alternate, over home movies of the Beatles in India) Meditation and life in the Ashram.

"The food was impossible for me, you know, I was allergic to so many different things that I took two suitcases with me. One of clothes, and one of Heinz baked beans! There's a plug for you." -- Ringo

Songwriting in India. P,G,R together. George plays "I Will" and the unreleased "Dehradun" on a ukelele. Note the Dobro uke at George's feet!

Everybody's Got Something To Hide 'Cept For Me and My Monkey (more India)

"Well, apart from the bit with the monkey, that's what Maharishi always used to say" -- George on lyrics to 'Monkey'

Introducing Apple press conference (NYC, 5/14/68)

Derek Taylor discusses "This man now owns a Bentley" Apple ad campaign

Revolution (promo) Enter Yoko

Happiness is a Warm Gun (John and Yoko in white)

Two Virgins cover

"He showed me this cover art, and I pointed to the Times, ''ve even got the Times in there,' like his dick wasn't out [...]" -- Ringo

John and Yoko's togetherness

"Everybody seemed paranoid except us two, who were in the glow of love." -- John

Ringo temporarily leaves the band, then returns

Yer Blues / Goodnight / Rocky Raccoon / While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Mother Nature's Son / Piggies / I Will / Why Don't We Do It In the Road / I'm so Tired / Don't Pass Me By (mostly stills of recording, some film) (all alternate versions)

George Martin on how 'The Beatles' should've been a single LP. "I think it's a fine album [...] I mean, it's great, it sold, it's the bloody Beatles White Album! So Shut Up!" -- Paul

Hey Jude (promo)

The concept of "Get Back," entering Twickenham

I've Got a Feeling (Let It Be)

Two of Us (Let It Be, into George's 'discussion' with Paul)

Leaving Twickenham, entering Apple Studios, still using portable studio on loan from EMI.

"Magic" Alex (from the film Apple produced to sell itself)

"There wasn't anything he ever did, except he had a toilet with a radio in it, or something." -- George

For You Blue (more Let It Be session clips)

"Using" Billy Preston to motivate the Fabs.

"Straightaway it just got 100% better, the vibe in the room." -- George

Get Back (rehearsal, watching them listen to playback)

The Long and Winding Road (Let It Be)

Plans for a single show, scouting locations, decision to play on roof.

Don't Let Me Down (Rooftop)

Police stopping show, Ringo on "theatricality" of it all

Get Back (from close of film)

Paul on inevitability of the breakup.

"Before, the energy for the Beatles was wamomg. we gave 1000%. Now, it was like...oh dear, do we have to turn up?" -- Ringo

Let It Be (back cover shot of Paul becomes Paul performing song. Promo)

Paul marrying Linda, newsreel 3/12/69

George and John's drug busts

"Sgt. Pilcher's successful career with the drug squad was short lived. He was sent to prison for perjury" -- Unknown announcer

The Ballad of John and Yoko (stills and promo)

"There were good days, we were still really close friends, then it would split off again into some madness." -- Ringo

Apple's demise

Enter Allen Klein, "3 to 1" feeling against Paul/Lee Eastman

Making Abbey Road

"It was a very happy record. I guess it was happy 'cause everybody knew it was going to be the last." -- George

Something (promo) "There was always a possibility we could've carried on" -- Ringo

"Once we'd reached Abbey Road, the game was up, and I think we'd all accepted that." -- George

Golden Slumbers / Octopuses' Garden / Here Comes the Sun / Come Together / Sun King (stills)

"We were four guys who really loved each other" -- Ringo

"The fans gave their love and money, but the Beatles kind of gave their nervous systems, which is a much more difficult thing to give" -- George

"I'm really glad the songs deal with love,peace,understanding" -- Paul

"It's only a rock group that split up. It's nothing important!" -- John

The End (stills, some film which fades into sepia)

Over the closing credits, outtakes of:

I Saw Her Standing There Misery Sie Liebt Dich And I Love Her Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite All You Need is Love

"I'm ready to sing for the world, if you can just give me the backing" -- John

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