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Reference Library: Alf Lennon

From: wjk (
Subject: Re: Alfred Lennon
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 16:34:48 +0100

Alf Lennon was sent to Bluecoat Orphanage (near Penny Lane) when he was 2, and left when he was 15. A week later he met Julia Stanley (who was 14) in Sefton Park, Liverpool. He was considered unsuitable in every way by Julia's family, but still, on the 3rd of december 1938 they were maried at Mount Pleasant registry office. It was just for a laugh, really. Straight afterwards they both went back to their own houses and stayed there. The next day Alf packed up all his belongings and set off working on a liner going to the West Indies.

He visited rarely, and when he did he moved in with Julia and her parents for a few weeks at a time. After his Christmas visit in 1939 Julia found she was pregnant. Alf wasn't around. Later on, he jumped ship in America, and didn't tell Julia--she found out from the shipping office.

Later, with no sound from Alf still, Julia moved into a flat with John Dykins and John. This was when Mimi took John to live with her, as Julia was still married and they only had 1 bed in their flat. Alf heard of this and decided to take John on holiday to Blackpool. John was 5. Alf then decided to take John and move to New Zealand. Julia went to Blackpool and demanded her son back. Alf asked John who he wanted to go with, he said 'Daddy'. Julia turned to go and John ran to her. Alf never saw John again until he found out he was famous. John moved in with Mimi. No one contacted Alf when Julia died in 1958 is because no one knew where he was.

The next thing anyone heard of Alf was a newspaper heading saying "Beatle Dad Washes Dishes At Greyhound Hotel In Hampton Court." This was 1965. Alf had no idea of his son's fame, and when he found out, he went to see John. John didn't want to see him, but he was almost blackmailed by the press reports saying Alf was a poor old man whilst John lived in luxury. They met and it went well. On the 2nd occasion, Alf was invited to stay with John and Cynthia overnight. He ended up staying for 3 days and having some largly emotional scenes with John.

John was furious when Alf released 'That's My Life' under the piccadilly label, as it was so similar to 'In My Life' from Rubber Soul. At this time, Alf, or Freddie as he'd become known, was 53. Brian Epstien managed to stop the sales of the single, which made Alf and his producer pay John a visit. They had the door slammed in their faces.

In January 1968, Alf became engaged to a 19 y/o student, Pauline Jones. Alf persuaded John to employ Pauline as his personal assistant, but this only lasted 5 months. Next, John bought Alf a house in Kew Gardens, West London for 15,000. He also furnished the place and gave his father a weekly allowance. Then they decided to move to Brighton, which John also funded. Alf and Pauline's first son, David, was born at the same time as John and Yoko's wedding in 1969. Alf tried to visit Tittenhurst estate, but was again shown the door.

Alf died of cancer on April 1st, 1976. John offered to pay the funeral expenses, but Pauline wouldn't let him. John, now tired of saying goodbye, didn't attend the funeral.

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