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Reference Library: Number 9 Dream

From: (Brian9091)
Subject: #9 DREAM
Date: 17 Dec 1998 07:02:04 GMT

Here's the list of reoccurring 9's in the life of John Lennon from Ray Coleman's book "Lennon":

- Born at 6:30 pm (6+3+0=9) on October 9th
- Sean was born October 9th
- Brian Epstein first saw John and the Beatles at the Cavern on 
  November 9th 1961, and secured there recording contract with EMI
  on May 9th 1962
- Love Me Do, the Beatles debut record, was on Parlophone R4949
- John met Yoko on November 9th 1966.
- John and Yoko's apartment was located at West 72nd Street, New York 
  City (7+2=9), and their main Dakota apartment was also, at first, 72
- The bus John used to go to the Liverpool At College was bus 72 (7+2=9)
- The license plate number on the car that killed his mom was KLF 630
  (6+3+0=9), and was driven by Police Constable 126 (1+2+6=9)
- "Penny Lane" (nine letters) is in postal district 18 (1+8=9) in 
  Liverpool (nine letters).
- "Sgt. Pepper" has nine letters, as does Mimi Smith, Jim Gretty (who 
  sold John his first real guitar), Mr. Stevenson (his art college
  principal), Bob Wooler at the Cavern, the Maharishi, and Bill Harry
  at Mersey Beat.
- Early Beatles venues were the Jacaranda (nine letters), the Blue Angel
  (nine letters), and the Cassanova (nine letters).
- Julian Lennon was born at Sefton General Hospital, 126 (1+2+6=9)
  Smithdown (nine letters) Road, Liverpool (nine letters). Both John's
  mother and step father were pronounced dead there.
- John took nine General Certficate of Education exams and failed them 
- John first group was the Quarry Men (nine letters)
- When John first met Cynthia, she was living at 18 (1+8=9) Trinity Road,
- On the cover of "Walls & Bridges", there is a painting that John did 
  when he was 11 of a football player with a big "9" on his shirt.
- John wrote "Revolution 9", "#9 Dream", and "One After 909", which was
  written at his mothers home at 9 Newcastle (nine letters) Road, 
  Wavertree (nine letters), Liverpool (nine letters).
- When John moved Mimi from Liverpool (nine letters) to Sandbanks (nine
  letters) in Dorset, her address was 126 (1+2+6=9) Panorama Road.
- "All we are saying, is give peace a chance" (nine words)
- In Paris in 1964, John recieved a death threat that said "I am going
  to shoot you at 9 tonight".
- John sold Tittenhurst Park to Ringo on September 9th 1973.
- Both John Ono Lennon and Yoko Ono Lennon together contain 9 "o"s.
- John was killed at 10:50 pm in New York on December 8th, the five
  hour time difference meant that it was December 9th in Britain. His 
  body was taken to Roosevelt (nine letters) Hospital. It was situated 
  on Ninth Avenue, Manhattan (nine letters). He was pronounced dead 
  there at 11:07 pm (1+1+0+7=9).

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