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Dear Sir or Madam...

The John Lennon Series
by Jude Southerland Kessler

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Fab Four Fan Fotos

Pictures of the Beatles taken by the fans themselves. These pictures have never before been seen or published.

Jim Ciminera

Back in the late 60's, early 70's I was hitch hiking around the United States and Canada, and ended up at one point in Toronto. These were the hippy days and we went to the heart of the artist district to look for someone to put us up for the night. Two girls befriended us and took us home to their apartment. That night one of the girls went a little nuts. When she heard that I was a Lennon freak like her, she insisted that my initials meant I was Jesus Christ (?) and that I was sent to her for some reason. I just wanted to get the hell out of there! :-)

As I was leaving she handed me these small instamatic photographs of the Beatles that she said her friend had personally taken when the Beatles visited Toronto or Montreal, I can't remember which. I told her I couldn't take such an important gift, but she insisted. She said at that time that she did not know if the negatives survived and I would doubt that they do to this day.

-Jim Cim

Jay Boivin

This picture was taken in February, 1967 after a Chuck Berry concert at the Seville Theater in London. At the time Brian Epstein used the Seville as a venue to promote his musical acts.

On my way out, behind the theatre I saw John and Ringo rushing into a Mini Cooper. I said hello, they acknowledged, and then Brian walked up to the car to bid them good evening. That's when I took the picture, and you can see Brian's reflection in the car window.


Note: Previously the woman in the picture had been identified as Ringo's first wife Maureen. By comparing this photo with other photos of Beatles wives, we now know that is Cynthia Lennon in the car with John and Ringo.

Richard Cook

These photos were taken at the Las Vegas show of McCartney's New World Tour in 1993. The album Paul Is Live was recorded during this tour. Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Wix Wickens, and Linda can all be seen with Paul in the first pic, group.jpg. The drummer, Blair Cunningham, can be seen behind Paul in the second to last pic, piano.jpg.

These pictures were taken from 11th row center using a Nikon camera and a 70-120mm zoom lens.

For more info on these files, contact Richard Cook at

Mark Jones

My name is Mark Jones and I live in Northampton, UK. I had the chance to meet Paul twice in 1990.

The first time I met Paul was on October 15, on a march to try and save Rye Hospital which was going to be closed. A friend of mine heard that Paul was going so we went just on the off chance of meeting him. He was polite but not into signing autographs or talking about any thing other than the hospital on the march, which is understandable, though I did shake his hand. We got about 54 pictures altogether. After the march he gave a speech from the top of an open top bus then started to leave. It was at this point that he did sign a few autographs and I got a 'Flowers In The Dirt' CD signed.

The second time I got to meet Paul was at a TV Show recording in Wembley, London in December. I spoke to Paul half way through the recording when they had a break and as he was leaving some of us managed to get a few pictures of him. They were taken through glass though.


The photos on this page are the property of the owners. These files may be downloaded and shared with other Beatles fans for personal use only, and may not be commercially distributed.

This page was last updated January 20, 2002.

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