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The Beatles Fan Club Christmas Records

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As the 60's evolve, so do the Beatles, and so do their Christmas records.

The previous year, the Christmas message changed from scripted messages talking directly to the fans, to sketch comedy, mostly Paul's idea, but enthusiastically joined in by the other three. 1967 brings a similar production, but as the members of the group start desiring to go their separate ways, this is also reflected in the Christmas records, as the final two years bring messages recorded in bits and pieces recorded separately by each Beatle and assembled together later.


Christmas Time (Is Here Again)

Released December 15, 1967
Recorded November 28, 1967
EMI Abbey Road Studio 2
Produced by George Martin
Special guest: Victor Spinetti

The script was written earlier in the day by the band. Last Christmas record the Beatles recorded together as a group. Cover designed on November 29 by John and Ringo.

The song Christmas Time (Is Here Again) was later released on the Real Love single in 1995.


Happy Christmas

Released December 20, 1968
Recorded in November, 1968 at John's home in London, Paul's home in London, in the back of Ringo's van in Surrey, with George in America and at George's house in Esher during rehearsals for the White Album.

Special guest: Tiny Tim.

Created by Radio 1 disc jockey Kenny Everett who edited together separately-recorded messages from John, Paul, George and Ringo, and inter-cut random fragments from the White Album.


Happy Christmas 1969

Released December 19, 1969

Recorded in fall of 1969 at John and Yoko's home in Ascot, Ringo's home in Weybridge, Paul's home in London, and the London offices of Apple.

Edited by Maurice Cole (Kenny Everett's original name)
Cover designed by Ringo


Because the Beatles officially broke up in 1970, no Christmas message was prepared for that holiday season.

In early 1971, fan club members were sent an album on the Apple label containing all seven of the Christmas messages.

Pictured is the American version of the LP. The British LP entitled From Then To You included a reproduction of the cover of the 1963 Christmas record.

Along with Let It Be and Introducing The Beatles, this is one of the notoriously most heavily counterfeited of Beatles albums. Counterfeits can be identified by blurry cover photos and an indentation ring much larger than 1 1/2".

Some of the historical info on this page is from the books The Beatles: A Day In The Life by Tom Schultheiss, The Beatles Day By Day by Mark Lewisohn and The Price Guide for the Beatles American Records by Perry Cox and Frank Daniels.

Thank you, Ringo. We'll phone you.

This page was created December 8, 2007.

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